Wednesday July 30 , 2014
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Skills Training Courses

Skills Training Courses

Although most mountain bikers take to the hills without any training, your mountain bike skills can be greatly enhanced by taking formal instruction courses. You can book training courses on the website with SMBLA qualified instructors. The courses are accredited by the Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Award, which is a body widely recognised throughout the U.K. and increasingly in Ireland for excellence in best practice procedures.

Click here to book your mountain bike skills course.

So you've bought the bike and and safety gear and you're ready to go but you're not quite sure what to do next? Well why not try one of our training days. Our beginners MTB course will build your confidence, improve your bike skills and help you stay safer. You will actually have more fun on the trails if you have been trained properly and if you are having fun you will get more out of the activity, stay fitter and be happier.

We advise that you attend the beginners course before trying the intermediate course unless you have been mountain biking for a year or so. Our intermediate training course builds on the basic skills you have learned on the beginners course. We recommend that having completed the beginners course you should try to hone the skills you have learned for a few months before immediately attending an intermediate course. This way you will have more questions to ask and will have undoubtedly have a few problem areas that you will want to address specifically.

Ready to take your mountain biking to a new level? Our mountain bike training course for the advanced rider enables the rider to hone their skills and deal with problem areas. To a large extent this training course is tailor made for the particular group and allows for a more personalised programme to benefit the rider as much as possible. The majority of the day is spent on single track and will focus on advanced techniques such as line selection, large drop offs and riding at speed. Course schedules are posted in the Events Section. To book a place on our courses please complete the form in the bookings section.

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