Saturday July 26 , 2014
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Now we know you know this one. Riding down hills at high speed? Correct! Downhill is specifically about using DH bikes. The frame geometry of these bikes lends itself to descending and definitely not hill climbing. Usually the biker is dropped at the top of the descent and off they go. Typically this type of event is used at off-season ski resorts. The riders are carried to the top using the ski lifts. The course includes huge drop-off's of tens of feet and extreme inclines. Full body armour is worn with full face helmets.

When most people hear the word term mountain biking they think of downhill. Don't forget half the fun in mountain biking is uphill.

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Mountain biking existed in Ireland for about 20 years before Coillte developed their professionally designed, purpose built trails. There are a dozens of trails that were used over the years, in some of the most breathtaking landscapes that Ireland has to offer. To ignore them would do Irish Mountain Biking a disservice and it would not accurately reflect mountain biking in Ireland. However as these trails are on privately owned land we cannot disclose their whereabouts and we cannot recommend that anybody uses them. Sufficed to say that these trails are built, used, removed, abandoned or worn away throughout the country regularly. Often their sections are quite elaborate and technical. When used by a novice they are unrideable but when the skilled rider takes to them true skill and athleticism is revealed.

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