Friday July 25 , 2014
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In response to the increasing demands for recreational forest use by mountain bikers, the Irish forestry company Coillte have developed a small number of purpose built mountain bike trails in some of their forests around Ireland. There has been widespread recognition throughout Europe of the importance of recreational forest use. So to some extent this box has been checked now by Coillte. We at have ridden these trails and bring you reviews of Ballinastoe, Derroura, Ballyhoura and Portumna Trails and their facilities aswell as GPS Maps and Directions.

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This unattractive hilltop is everything urban. Some great views of the coast but that is about it as far as the landscape goes. It is a busy spot and is never quiet at any time. It is rugged and patchy where the forests have been ripped out of the landscape. However it is a much needed recreational resource in this part of the country. Unfortunately It is very underdeveloped in that regard. The terrain is hard and rugged. Unlike the rolling green hills that you see in Wicklow for example, this mountain just stands there like Arnold Schwarzennegar.

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These two forests areas together make a true gem in my opinion. I love this area. Great views and the general area is of historic interest. Having said this, The actual area covered is very small, so you may need to do a few laps. Know locally under a number of names, 51281 is has a prominent is landmark. There tends to be a large amount of walkers in the area so if you do mountain bike in this area, please bear this in mind. Busiest times for walkers are Saturday and Sunday afternoons especially if the weather is good. You will also come across horse riding in the area. The walkers tend to use 51281a more frequently. 51281a faces out towards the coast where as 51281 B is further inland. So if we take them one by one, we will start with 51281 A.

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Derroura MTB Trail is probably our favourite Coillte mountain bike trail for a few reasons. There is the un-spoilt countryside, the natural feel of  the trails, nice mountain climbs, gentle descents, miles of north shore, and of course the sheep!(after all it is an Irish Trail) We met up with a father and son from Blarney and a local from Oughterard when we rode the trail here, so we rode a good bit of the trail with them. While we preferred Derourra, they were fans of The Ballyhoura trails. So you can take your pick really.
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ballyhoura mountain bike trail

Colour coded brown, the Mountrussell loop is considered by our forum members to be the best Coillte MTB trail to ride in Limerick. The Mountrussell loop takes about 2hrs to ride at a relaxed pace.

The five Ballyhoura MTB Trails begin at the car park and turn back individually at various points to form individual loops. The Mountrussell loop is the second shortest loop and we measured it at 15km. It is an easy trail to cycle because the ground is well compacted and smooth.  However there are some technical areas which may not be suitable for beginners. The total climb is 162m this compares to 210m for Ballinastoe MTB Trail over a similar distance.

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Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Trail
After over 20 years of mountain biking in Ireland, the first of five Coillte mountain bike trails is now open. Ballinastoe mountain bike trail is well designed. Each section of single track is designed to keep speed under control. The trail is marked with posts and a red MTB icon displaying an arrow. However, due to the need to have the single track merge at the correct angle with walking trails, it is quite easy to miss the entrances to the single tracks. The map is also difficult to read. We spoke to other people up there who had the same problem. Leaving this aside, it is great fun.
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