Thursday July 24 , 2014
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So you've bought the bike and and safety gear and you're ready to go but you're not quite sure what to do next? Well why not try one of our training days. Our beginners MTB course will build your confidence, improve your bike skills and help you stay safer. You will actually have more fun on the trails if you have been trained properly and if you are having fun you will get more out of the activity, stay fitter and be happier.

We know a great deal of people on the trails are not members of a cycling club. Although our site is geared to non club members, we do believe that a great place to start for a beginner is with a local club. A club is also indispensable if you intend racing. We list over forty Irish mountain bike clubs from Antrim to Wicklow. So If you need to find your local club you can find it on

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