Wednesday July 30 , 2014
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The SMBLA Trail Cycle Leader Award (TCL)

This is a Level Two Award (Level Two is the entry level) aimed at all people who want to become leaders for mountain biking. The TCL Award consists of a two day training course followed by a one day assessment. The course will be run under the auspices of the Scottish Mountain bike Leaders Award (SMBLA). Here is some information regarding this organisation and what your training path will be.

Pre course requirements

  • Participants must be over 18 years old
  • Have joined the SMBLA at a cost of £48 which gets you:
    • The SMBLA Official Training Manual
    • Course documentation
    • Logbook sheets and route cards
    • Forms to join British Cycling
  • Have logged 20 recent mountain bike rides which must be sent to us at least a week before training
  • Have read the SMBLA Training Manual
  • Have your own bike which is fitted with a bike computer (in km) for use in the navigation section.

Equipment List

1. Suitable Mountain Bike (in good working condition)

2. Cycle helmet and gloves

3. Cycle computer in kilometres

4. Eye protection

5. Suitable clothing for a days cycle ride

6. Backpack, with spare clothing

7. Small tool kit, including pump and inner tubes

8. Food and drink (including lunch)

9. First aid kit

10. Permanent pen for writing on maps

11. Compass (maps will be provided)

12. SMBLA training manual and registration number.

Details of course schedules are posted in the Events section.

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So you've bought the bike and and safety gear and you're ready to go but you're not quite sure what to do next? Well why not try one of our training days. Our beginners MTB course will build your confidence, improve your bike skills and help you stay safer. You will actually have more fun on the trails if you have been trained properly and if you are having fun you will get more out of the activity, stay fitter and be happier.

Are you looking for expert mountain bike training? Well, the place to start is with an SMBLA qualified instructor. The Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Award is recognised in the U.K. and increasingly in Ireland as a method of best practice for mountain bike tuition. We give an over view of the SMBLA here.

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