Friday August 01 , 2014
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Ballyhoura, Ballinastoe, Derroura, Portumna

The Offroad-Online resource for mountain bikers in Ireland. We started the website in 2007. We noticed that the vast majority of mountain bike sites on the web were club based blogs and forums. They reflected a relatively small community of enthusiasts. They did not reflect mountain biking as I knew it and to be honest their sites were a series of posts about training events and races that they had done or were about to do. There was nothing on line about the fun of biking.

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We know a great deal of people on the trails are not members of a cycling club. Although our site is geared to non club members, we do believe that a great place to start for a beginner is with a local club. A club is also indispensable if you intend racing. We list over forty Irish mountain bike clubs from Antrim to Wicklow. So If you need to find your local club you can find it on

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Mountain biking is a fabulous pastime. It is challenging, it gets you fit, It is exhilarating, fun and awe inspiring. There are two basic components for mountain biking. Fitness and skill. Some riders are super fit others are super skilled. If you have these two attributes then mountain biking is for you. Most of us have the these capabilities to varying degrees and they can compensate one another. They can both be developed in order to master the sport. The important thing, I think is to have these skills enough so that you are having fun, and enjoyment.

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