Thursday July 24 , 2014
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Ballyhoura, Ballinastoe, Derroura, Portumna
Posted by Rob53:
So back from Whistler now two weeks and have to say that the riding over there is just phenomenal! The trails are so well put together and flowy that you really dont wanna come off the mountain even after a full days downhill. It was the first time I'd ridden DH in about 5yrs and when I did it was on a DMR trailstar so a hardtail.
Rented a Norco Shore and it was as if the trails and the bike were designed as a joint effort. I did three runs on the green trails to get myself into it. Not only are they pretty much for people who are completely new to riding of any discipline but they involve alot of pedalling which isn't good on a 7-incher. Two runs on the famous 'Crank it Up' and I was smiling ear to ear, its the smoothest, more confidence inspiring, show boating trail I have ever seen or heard of, you hit jumps you would normally not consider trying to walk over and just sail through the air at ease until the landing. Everything about the trail is just incredible.
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