Tuesday July 29 , 2014
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Prohibited Trails
Prohibited Trails

Mountain Biking is Prohibited in this Area...

Did you know that most of the mountain bike trails throughout Ireland are actually on privately owned land? In some instances the land owners post notices explicitly prohibiting mountain biking. This sections details some of the trails which fall under this category. We have covered some of these trails to reflect mountain biking in Ireland as it exists today. We do not recommend that anyone cycles in a prohibited area, for this reason we do not disclose directions in this section to any trails where mountain biking is prohibited.

These two forests areas together make a true gem in my opinion. I love this area. Great views and the general area is of historic interest. Having said this, The actual area covered is very small, so you may need to do a few laps. Know locally under a number of names, 51281 is has a prominent is landmark. There tends to be a large amount of walkers in the area so if you do mountain bike in this area, please bear this in mind. Busiest times for walkers are Saturday and Sunday afternoons especially if the weather is good. You will also come across horse riding in the area. The walkers tend to use 51281a more frequently. 51281a faces out towards the coast where as 51281 B is further inland. So if we take them one by one, we will start with 51281 A.

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This unattractive hilltop is everything urban. Some great views of the coast but that is about it as far as the landscape goes. It is a busy spot and is never quiet at any time. It is rugged and patchy where the forests have been ripped out of the landscape. However it is a much needed recreational resource in this part of the country. Unfortunately It is very underdeveloped in that regard. The terrain is hard and rugged. Unlike the rolling green hills that you see in Wicklow for example, this mountain just stands there like Arnold Schwarzennegar.

The mountain where Trail 84132 runs, stands tall and forms part of a range of mountains. The wooded area forms part of the U shape of mountains. This area offers spectacular views. The forest is a mix of Natural Oak and Spruce and sustains lots of wildlife. You are quite likely to find a Dear bounding ahead of you on the trail in the early morning. The woods are somewhat linear and have a number of car park entrances. There are a number of walking trails here and it is also permitted to camp here in the wild. Subject to certain criteria. The beauty of the mountain is that it sweeps down to a really picturesque area to meet the river below.

This is a small hill only about 250m. that is well sheltered from the elements. The forrest is a mix of native deciduous trees and spruce. There is a few good climbs here nothing too strenuous but it will get the heart going. The trail is a mix of wide forest tracks and narrow single track. It is quite quiet up there has a tendency to get overgrown as a result. I Like to do a few laps. This hill is a great place to come to escape from the world. It offers fantastic views of the coast and really gentle terrain.

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