Monday July 28 , 2014
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35172 Mountain bike trail

When I was a child, a puncture meant leaving the bike in the shed until the following summer when your dad got around to buying a puncture repair kit and fixing it. The procedure included basins of water, chalk, sandpaper, patches, glue and talc. It usually took up an entire Saturday morning. Eventually I learned to fix punctures myself, and even bought my patches on a roll. I could skillfully rough up the tube using a kerb instead of sandpaper, and I didn't dispose of tubes until they resembled a patchwork quilt. I had patches on patches before the tube was eventually binned.

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Before you set off, make sure your bike is in working order. If your bike is working correctly you will have a much more enjoyable cycle and it will be safer. Mountain bikes take a lot of punishment along the trail. They are asked to handle all sorts of terrain, handle responsively and then they are pushed to maybe 50kph downhill and expected to stop as immediately as soon as you misjudge a corner.

Published in Beginners
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