Thursday July 31 , 2014
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Ready to take your mountain biking to a new level? Our mountain bike training course for the advanced rider enables the rider to hone their skills and deal with problem areas. To a large extent this training course is tailor made for the particular group and allows for a more personalised programme to benefit the rider as much as possible. The majority of the day is spent on single track and will focus on advanced techniques such as line selection, large drop offs and riding at speed. Course schedules are posted in the Events Section. To book a place on our courses please complete the form in the bookings section.

The SMBLA scheme is widely recognised as a model of best practice for mountain bike instruction in the UK and increasingly in Ireland. The SMBLA Scheme was developed by Scottish Cycling in conjunction with the Scottish Advisory Panel in Outdoor education. The SMBLA Scheme provides training and assessment in mountain biking and leadership skills. We give a brief outline here so as to give an overview of what the Scheme is about.

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One way to start riding the trails without shelling out a lot of cash for a mountain bike is to take one of our Try-It! guided mountain bike sessions. Just book your course and we will meet you on the trail with a top mountain bike and safety equipment.

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Mountain biking is a fabulous pastime. It is challenging, it gets you fit, It is exhilarating, fun and awe inspiring. There are two basic components for mountain biking. Fitness and skill. Some riders are super fit others are super skilled. If you have these two attributes then mountain biking is for you. Most of us have the these capabilities to varying degrees and they can compensate one another. They can both be developed in order to master the sport. The important thing, I think is to have these skills enough so that you are having fun, and enjoyment.

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