Thursday July 31 , 2014
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Mountain Biking in Ireland


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  • The Offroad-Online resource for mountain bikers in Ireland. We started the website in 2007. We noticed that the vast majority of mountain bike sites on the web were club based blogs and forums. They reflected a relatively small community of enthusiasts. They did not reflect mountain biking as I knew it and to be honest their sites were a series of posts about training events and races that they had done or were about to do. There was nothing on line about the fun of biking.

    Mountain biking existed in Ireland for about 20 years before Coillte developed their professionally designed, purpose built trails. There are a dozens of trails that were used over the years, in some of the most breathtaking landscapes that Ireland has to offer. To ignore them would do Irish Mountain Biking a disservice and it would not accurately reflect mountain biking in Ireland. However as these trails are on privately owned land we cannot disclose their whereabouts and we cannot recommend that anybody uses them. Sufficed to say that these trails are built, used, removed, abandoned or worn away throughout the country regularly. Often their sections are quite elaborate and technical. When used by a novice they are unrideable but when the skilled rider takes to them true skill and athleticism is revealed.

    In response to the increasing demands for recreational forest use by mountain bikers, the Irish forestry company Coillte have developed a small number of purpose built mountain bike trails in some of their forests around Ireland. There has been widespread recognition throughout Europe of the importance of recreational forest use. So to some extent this box has been checked now by Coillte. We at have ridden these trails and bring you reviews of Ballinastoe, Derroura, Ballyhoura and Portumna Trails and their facilities aswell as GPS Maps and Directions.

    We know a great deal of people on the trails are not members of a cycling club. Although our site is geared to non club members, we do believe that a great place to start for a beginner is with a local club. A club is also indispensable if you intend racing. We list over forty Irish mountain bike clubs from Antrim to Wicklow. So If you need to find your local club you can find it on

    We have the most comprehensive listing on the web of bike shops in Ireland and have about 30 listings for Bike Shops in Dublin alone. If you are a bike shop and you would like a listing you can submit your shop's details in the listings section of our site.

    It can be daunting starting anything new. We have put together our beginners section to help you get started. We outline what you need to wear, bring and check before you set off on your first mountain bike trail.  I genuinely believe that the best place to start is with your local club. People come to mountain biking with very different levels of skill.

    Are you looking for expert mountain bike training? Well, the place to start is with an SMBLA qualified instructor. The Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Award is recognised in the U.K. and increasingly in Ireland as a method of best practice for mountain bike tuition. We give an over view of the SMBLA here.

    A picture tells a thousand words and we post our trails on flickr and youtube so you can see exactly what the trails are like. We also take our pick of some of the best mountain bike video media that is out on the web and embed it here for you to enjoy.

    Your questions can be answered in our forum. Simply register and post your query in our members section. Or create your own community in our community section.

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